Functional Training

Functional training helps provide you with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that you need to thrive as you move through your life and sports. One uses basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, hanging, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns (walking and running) every day. Functional training utilizes exercises that improve your movement proficiency in these primary patterns to give you an edge and enhance your performance so you can achieve your goals safely and with good health.

We will provide many different exercise formats such as:
  • TRX
  • Swiss Ball
  • Calisthenics
  • Pilates
  • Power Yoga
  • Different types of stretching (dynamic stretching, static stretching, PNF stretching)
  • HIIT
  • Boot Camp
  • Circuit training
  • Plyometric excercises
  • Interval training
  • Crossfit training
  • Kettlebell excercises

All these exercises are based on principles of FITT-VP recommended by AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE. What is FITT-VP?
  • F-frequency
  • I-intensity
  • T-types
  • T-time/duration
  • V-volume
  • P-progression

The most important thing is that once you learn these excercises you can perform them anywhere with minimum or no equipments and achieve any kind of fitness goals such as weight gain/loss, body toning, building muslces and also helps to prevent cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic diseases.

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Note: The above mentioned batch timings may change based on the participants' / instructors' availability. If you are coming in a group of minimum five participants, we may start a new batch in accordance to your / instructor's availability.