Dance Style

Dancing is always a union of body, mind and emotions that awaken the hidden soul inside you.
Synergy Fitness is a place where you find the better version of you. It's all about stepping out of your comfort zone and working on yourself harder to get what you desire and never give up.

We impart you with proper knowledge and information, teaching you techniques and help you focus on it's application practically.

We help you understand your body and your movements in order to bring out the craziest best in you.

We are masters in teaching you various forms of dance, some of them are mentioned below:

Contemporary :
It is a natural or organic way of moving your body. It combines the elements of several dance genre like Modern, Jazz and Ballet. It is very important to understand your body more than just moving. It is an expressive form of dance so a dancer needs to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Street Jazz :
Street jazz is a blend of funk, hip hop and jazz dance style. It is a commercial and informal style of dance used more in pop music videos. It is all about your attitude and street style, combining it with the technical element of jazz.

Hip Hop :
It came from the streets and now it is one of the biggest dance form in the world. Hip Hop is a mixture of your emotions and groves and the way your body moves. Part of Hip Hop culture, it's about energy, fun, moving to the beats and lyrics of the song by using every part of your body.
The major Hip Hop styles taught are Urban, Locking, Popping, Animation, Lyrical, etc.

Garba is a form of dance which originated in Gujarat (India), danced as a celebration and reverence to goddess Shakti or Durga.

Garba dance is divided into two types- modern and traditional dances. Different types of Raas Garba are Dandia Raas, Taliclap Raas, Khanjari Musical Instrument Raas, Manjira Musical Instrument Raas, Diva Clay Lamp Raas, Tippni Special Stick Raas, Talwar Raas, Beda Raas and Thaliplate Raas.

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Note: The above mentioned batch timings may change based on the participants' / instructors' availability. If you are coming in a group of minimum five participants, we may start a new batch in accordance to your / instructor's availability.