About Us

Established on 1 September 2013, Synergy Fitness is a one stop solution for health and fitness, which offers wide range of activities like Poweryoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, Aerobics, Belly Dancing, Salsa, Nutrition - weight loss/weight gain program etc.

Our mission is to keep you healthy and fit.

We have a certified team of trainers for different activities.

We provide equipments required for different variations of workout like dumbles, skipping ropes, kettle bell, boxing kit, mats, Swiss Ball, Medicine Ball, TRX, Resistant Band, Dumbles, Ankle Weight, Kettle Bell, Ladder, Cone etc.

Weight loss tips, recipes, etc. are also provided by our in-house nutritionist.

Archana Ruparel
Archana Ruparel is the founder-owner of Synergy Fitness. She is a certified Nutritionist, Acupuncturist and a Weight Management Specialist.

A firm believer in practice of health and wellness management, Archana at Synergy Fitness, has helped a large number of patrons realize their goal of a healthy lifestyle.